Explanation Google adwords

With adwords you can set up ads and keywords with which you want to be found online. The moment your potential customers search online for these keywords, your ad will appear. You only pay when people click on your text ad. So if you come into the picture with the text ad and people do not click, it will also cost you nothing. With us you determine the budget that you pay to Google yourself. This gives you a complete overview of the costs and your adwords budget. You can set this yourself on the basis of a maximum daily budget! Via our Google managing account you give us access to manage and optimize your campaign. For this you pay a fixed monthly amount as agreed. For your security, we do not have access to your payment details.

Adwords is still unknown territory for many entrepreneurs and unfortunately it is therefore often used in the wrong ways. Usually the 1st touch is a “free” coupon that is received on the bus. This is often activated without knowing exactly what the possibilities are. As a result, the desired results are hardly or not at all achieved and it is believed that Adwords does not work for them. However, the opposite is true! It is possible to reach your desired target group within 24 hours via Adwords. It is only very important that your campaign and objectives are set up by a professional company. We set up the campaign based on the following matters, among other things; age, target groups, days & times and platforms where the campaigns should be displayed. Thanks to our many years of experience, we help you to reach the right target group. In addition, we can see exactly how the public is maneuvering on the internet by means of our conversion codes. Advertising via Google adwords does not have to be expensive. By means of our packages we make it very easy for you so that you only have to select the package that suits you best. Have your campaign set up professionally and make use of our expertise and contact us today

1. Meaning of S.E.A.

Search Engine Advertising in Dutch search engine advertisement. The Google adwords program ensures that your company appears with Google’s sponsored links. The most common with Google is the Cost Per Click model (CPC). You only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad. Your position in the results list depends on the amount you want to pay for a click. Depending on your investment and the relevance of your site, your position on the internet will be determined! The focus is on increasing your Click Through Rate (CTR). This is the so-called click-through ratio or the number of clicks that is proportional to the number of impressions of a link. Our advice is to also optimize your website for the natural results in the search engines. The cost per click at Adwords is partly determined by the quality of your website / landing pages and the Click Through Ratio (CTR) of your ad. The advantage of adwords is that you can be immediately visible online to your potential customers on the search engines. You also determine your advertising budget yourself, so you always have control over your monthly expenditure.

2. Search “search network”:

This includes a group of search partners of Google websites where your ads can appear. This includes sites and non-Google search sites that partner with Google in serving ads on the search network. If you advertise on the Search Network, your ad may appear alongside search results when a user searches for your products or services with terms related to one of your keywords. The search network includes Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Maps, Google images and Google Groups, plus sites such as Vinden.nl. Ads are linked to search results pages based on the terms or phrases that a user searches for.

3. Google Display

The Google Display Network offers another advantage in addition to the long range: relevance. This means that your ads will only be placed on appropriate topics. An advertisement about men’s shoes, for example, will automatically be placed on websites that are about men’s shoes. Because the ad fits the content of a website, it will also better meet the needs of the user, increasing the chance of clicks and conversions. These advertisements are usually experienced as less disturbing and provide the visitor with a broader view.

4. Shopping:

Google Shopping is indispensable for practically every webshop entrepreneur. If you as an entrepreneur want to improve your findability in Google, Google Shopping is an absolute necessity. Within the search results, the platform enables you as an entrepreneur to display your products directly with an image ad. Your consumers can easily make a comparison between the providers of the product they are looking for. This makes it easier for visitors to make a comparison and make a choice based on prices, delivery conditions and specifications. Another big advantage is that with Google Shopping you can visually present your products with an image in the Google search results. In addition to being displayed in the regular search results, Google Shopping results can also be accessed via the “Shopping” button in the menu above.

5. Remarketing

Remarketing allows you to get the attention of potential customers who have visited your website. Based on their search, you can show them relevant advertisements through your Google, which increases the chance that they will buy from you. This makes it easier to reach or alert your target group who is looking for what you have to offer them. The advantage is that this group already has a need and is apparently orienting itself. The purchase moment will therefore be higher than normal. If the visitor has not made a purchase, you can also choose to persuade them through a special offer, notification or temporary action. You can use remarketing via the search network, display or video.

6. Google analytics

Collect important data to improve your business while improving the customer experience on your site. Google Analytics consists of the 4 following primary parts:
• Target group (audience): who visits your site?
• Acquisition: where do the visitors come from?
• Behavior: what do the visitors do on your site?
• Goals (goals): what’s in it for you? (in conversions and / or money).
The purpose of Google Analytics is to create valuable information. In addition to collecting this information for your organization, you also create it for your visitor. You can use this information perfectly to optimize your website so that the user finds what they need more easily and faster. This also increases the website quality score, resulting in a higher position online. Would you like more information or have your campaign set up professionally? Then use our expertise and contact us today without obligation.

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