Meaning S.E.A

Search Engine Advertising in Dutch search engine advertisement. The Google adwords program ensures that your company appears with Google’s sponsored links. The most common with Google is the Cost Per Click model (CPC). You only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad. Your position in the results list depends on the amount you want to pay for a click. Depending on your investment and the relevance of your site, your position on the internet will be determined! The focus is on increasing your Click Through Rate (CTR). This is the so-called click-through ratio or the number of clicks that is proportional to the number of impressions of a link. Our advice is to also optimize your website for the natural results in the search engines. The cost per click at Adwords is partly determined by the quality of your website / landing pages and the Click Through Ratio (CTR) of your ad. The advantage of adwords is that you can be immediately visible online to your potential customers on the search engines. You also determine your advertising budget yourself, so you always have control over your monthly expenditure.

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